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Aegis Armor's "S.H.I.E.L.D."

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Aegis Armor's SHIELD is a non-permanent version of our Aegis Armor ceramic coating. SHIELD contains SiO2, giving it excellent water repellent attributes.  SHIELD replaces wax, provides better UV protection and has a much deeper shine.

This product is easy to apply, fills fine lines and swirling, greatly increases shine, depth and clarity, creates a non stick surface, reduces water spots and allows longer times between washes. SHIELD works as a water repellent on your glass!

One bottle will do a mid sized car 4 times. The effects last 3-5 months depending on exposure to the elements.  At $49.95 a bottle it is quite a steal!  Dilute SHIELD with a 10:1 (Distilled water:SHIELD) mix and use it to renew your ceramic coatings or as an instant detailer for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Use the only brand of coatings trusted by the TV Show Toymakerz: AEGIS.

SHIELD is not just for cars and motorcycles!  Use it on boats, in the home or workplace and more!  Order yours, today!