Aegis Performance Coatings

Foam Fury

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Aegis Armor's Foam Fury is a premium wash solution, engineered to clean and enhance your vehicle’s paint. This product is a concentrate, specially designed to work with standard foam cannons. (Though it can also be used as a bucket-wash soap.)  Aegis Armor's Foam Fury is safe to use on vehicles with or without ceramic coatings.  Foam Fury is concentrated!  Two capfuls is all that is needed for a standard wash. At $12.95 per bottle, you'll be using it to clean everything!

Foam Fury will not introduce waxes or silicones that will diminish the effectiveness of the coatings. Instead, it has been developed to work with  ceramic coatings by cleansing and renewing the surface, allowing the coatings to function as designed.  Order yours, today!